This is the Internet home of our owner, hand-coded from the ground up by hime.  He hosts his professional history here, as well as host some of his privately owned software creations, such as extensions for Mozilla Firefox, and scripts extending the functionality of popular chat client mIRC.  He also writes a blog about various technological topics, as well as personal reflection.  All of this can be maintained from the site itself, without writing a single line of code.  With a system like this, if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you know how to maintain your website!
World Harvest Church
World Harvest Church in Columbus, OH wanted a website for multiple campuses for the purpose of communicating to their members and visitors regarding upcoming events and special announcements. 
Americhan Mechanical Group
American Mechanical Group in Columbus, OH is your one-stop shop for superior quality HVAC, Refrigeration, Commercial Kitchen, Plumbing, Electrical and Emergency services - serving Columbus and Dayton since 1945.
Shepard Auto Care
Newark, OH is home to Shepard Auto Care, a hometown mechanic shop that works on just about any type of vehicle.  We developed their website which allows them to create coupons that maintain themselves -- with scheduling tools that only offer valid coupons and current deals on their site. 
Created to announce the marriage ceremony and celebration of our founder and to serve as a hub of information for family, friends, and guests - #HappilyEverBaldwin is a 2016 example of "responsive-design" - a clever way of describing a web design that adapts to the size and type of the dipslay with which it is viewed.
Xtreme Carvers
Xtreme Carvers carve beautiful designs in pumpkins (both seasonally in the real deal, and year-round in foam).   Xtreme Carvers wanted people to be able to request a quote by filling out a simple web form which would contact them with the request.  They also desired the ability to easily manage the galleries with a file they could modify to change the display and update the images included in their pumpkin carving galleries.  We used their color scheme, special service, and name to create a logo and a website theme that screams halloween.  ;)

Awaken Technologies, Ltd. is owned and operated by Jay Baldwin. Happy Spooktober! Our themed wallpaper will change by November 8.